About the All-star Music Experience:

The All-Star Music Experience is the premier event of the music industry which recognizes the elite music & entertainment professionals, artists, DJs, producers and media. All-Star Music Experience features legendary artists and new artists aswell--effectively maintaining the legacy of the music pioneers while infusing the energy of the new generation of artists. The All-Star Music Experience will transform the industry by recognizing the individuals who are responsible laying the foundation for the ever-expanding music business that exists today. The All-Star Music Experience will transcend the platform of networking by bringing depth & industry secrets with true testimonies of success. This will give attendees the knowledge to grow professionally and make good choices; steering them to the proper avenues while allowing them to avoid the numerous pitfalls. The All-Star Music Experience will give all attendees the blueprint of success directly from music legends, executives, and the individuals that hold the keys to become successful in the music industry.